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Gabriel Varaljay

co-founder & CEO of ENVIENTA LTD.
founder & CEO of TRENDFINGERS s.r.o.

Parallel entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media punk and growth hacker. Startupper, who believes in maker movement, open source hardware solutions and cosmo-localization (designing global and manufacturing local).

With executing a number of growth hacking and digital media strategies I can promote businesses to growth. I am a parallel entrepreneur: a CEO & co-founder of ENVIENTA (US, UK, Hungary and Spain), co-founder of DEDICATED PROFIT LTD. and founder & CEO of marketing consultant company TRENDFINGERS s.r.o. I was among the first community influencers in Hungary who wrote about the expected revolutionary effect of Twitter and Facebook - before anybody would even take notice of the social media phenomenon. My writings still serve as a foundation for many further studies on the subject. I was a founder of sm.mag the first interactive iPad magazine. Later I moved to South Korea to study business and culture so I could implement new practices in my later ventures in England like ENVIENTA or VixT. Alongside our video-tech company with my co-founder I started a "love-project" called ICOmustra we reviewed many ICOs and later started to invest heavily into upcoming new crypto companies. Thanks for the rapid growth the show built an outstanding reputation and a very specific follower base. Consequently, I got excess to an even larger network of influential and inspiring people. As a starting point for another chapter, I am now assisting small and medium-sized businesses in the UK as marketing advisor with the project DEDICATED PROFIT.

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